Tracy Jane Comer

Singer-Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist

"Comparisons to other adult contemporary artists such as Mary Chapin Carpenter, Shawn Colvin, and Dar Williams are inevitable, though [Tracy] displays more range of style than any of them….Given her background in everything from classical to rock, including theater, choral, sacred and folk, the spectrum of genres covered shouldn't be a surprise…"

- Kiki Scheuler, Rick’s Café Magazine

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"…Quietly There is certainly a musically mature product…one only has to play the first few tracks to be struck by the excellent musicianship and variety of style on offer. She has absorbed influences from across the musical spectrum - folk, country, pop, jazz, classical…"

-Dave Taylor, for Music Maker Magazine (UK)

"…From complex melodies and lyrics to simpler ‘catchy’ tunes her versatility is endless…Tracy Jane Comer’s compositions are poetic, melodic, moving, thought provoking and soothing to the spirit…She seems to possess all qualities she needs to achieve great success in her chosen profession…"

- Jen Lush, Midwest

"Tracy Jane Comer's Quietly There is a stunning showcase of both her lovely voice and her impressive skill on a variety of instruments…This record is a strong statement that seems determined to reach beyond a local audience."

- Kiki Scheuler, Rick’s Café Magazine

"Tracy Jane Comer’s song ‘This Losing Game’ is a thoughtful, well-produced and haunting anti-war song, worthy of the great Joan Baez or Joni Mitchell. Come to think of it, Tracy Jane’s voice is just as powerful and clear as those ladies as well…"

- International Acoustic Music Awards

"…In the tradition of people like Joni Mitchell, Suzanne Vega, Rickie Lee Jones and the Indigo Girls, Tracy Jane Comer writes songs of different shades and colors…"

- E.O.M. (Evolution of Media) E-zine

"This woman never does anything halfway…A song may start quietly, and you may think you know where it's going, but then it rises and fills the air with added notes from a cello or sax and wraps itself around you…unforgettable."

- Jennifer Layton,

"Tracy has a clear, highly emotional voice that brings out the best in her words and gives one a feeling of emotional uplift that epitomizes only the greatest music."

- E.O.M. (Evolution of Media) E-zine

"Second Wind is an impressive achievement…Throughout the disc, Tracy shows off a deft touch on the guitar and good use of cello, hammered dulcimer and various percussion instruments. Her voice may be the best instrument though, always well-toned and showing a nice melisma that isn't overused…"

- B Section (Madison Songwriters Group)

"Quietly There might be the title, but Tracy Jane Comer is due to make some very loud noise once these songs are heard and be ‘Internationally Here.’ "

- Toni K., for SongsAlive! E-zine


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