Tracy Jane Comer

Singer-Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist


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Art in the Barn - Fitchburg, WI

Sugar Maple Festival 2013, Madison, WI (thanks to Rich Baumann on fiddle!)

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"Tracy Jane Comer's sparkling acoustic folk is reminiscent of classic balladeers like Joan Baez, complete with lyrics that combines social consciousness with personal issues. But Comer's willingness to expland her sound with such elements as harp, dulcimer, and percussion gives her songs a depth that many folkies lack."

-The Onion

"Comer has been compared to Joni Mitchell, Dar Williams and other well-known talents. The comparisons are well deserved as Tracy is a versatile vocalist who writes compelling, visual songs..."

- Laura Turner Lynch, Kweevak’s Tracks (

"... a well-judged blend of ballads, instrumentals and harder-edged moments, featuring some genuinely first-rate writing and production…exceptionally well done…I can honestly say that this will be getting a healthy number of repeat plays…"

- Jimbo, Music Shopper Forum (Based in UK)

"…Tracy’s lyric writing is very clever - she paints with words using light and shade most effectively…An excellent musician and writer - it would be good if she could climb aboard a jumbo and visit these shores sometime!"

- Dave Taylor, for Music Maker Magazine (UK)

"Comer’s thoughtful, intelligent and sometimes humorous songs, coupled with her clear, honest voice and heartfelt presentation, are a delight to the ears and offer a refreshing and satisfying musical alternative."

- The Clayton (NC) News-Star

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QUIETLY THERE - Tracy Jane Comer, 2004
Quietly There

2004 / Full Length

Produced by Randy Green

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SECOND WIND - Tracy Jane Comer, 2002
Second Wind

2002 / Full Length

Produced by Randy Green and Tracy Jane Comer

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1) My Own History
2) Yellow Bike *
3) Take Me to the Mountain *
4) Movin' in the Right Direction
5) Quietly There *
6) Eleanor Rigby
7) Silent Care
8) Rondo
9) Just One Person
10) This Losing Game (Goodnight Moon) *
11) Pathetic Fallacy
12) Baggage *
13) Hello
14) Drive for Miles

1) Second Wind
2) Your Pain
3) American Dream
4) Perfectly
5) A Father's Lament (Clementine) *
6) Did You Ever
7) A Dream of Last Things
8) The Heart Remembers *
9) The Ritual
10) Autumn Elegy
11) Rhythm
12) Lives and Loves
13) Bring Me Your Peace *

* Award winning track  

"There is not a bad track on this CD [Quietly There]…one of the best acoustic albums out there."

-Eric Cohen, WAER-FM, Syracuse NY

"Second Wind is an impressive achievement…Throughout the disc, Tracy shows off a deft touch on the guitar and good use of cello, hammered dulcimer and various percussion instruments. Her voice may be the best instrument though, always well-toned and showing a nice melisma that isn't overused…"

- B Section (Madison Songwriters Group)

YOU HAVE 29 MESSAGES - Tracy Jane Comer, 2010 You Have 29 Messages

2010 / EP
Solo/Duo Mixes

Produced by Randy Green

Yellow Bike EP - Tracy Jane Comer, 2006

Yellow Bike

2006 / EP
Solos, Live in the Studio

Produced by Randy Green

IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD - Tracy Jane Comer, 2010

In A Sentimental Mood

2010 /EP
Special Jazz Project

Produced by Randy Green

1) The Edge of Tedjhara (duo mix)
2) Riffles and Runs
3) Take Me to the Mountain (duo mix)
4) American Dream 2010
5) Quietly There (duo mix)
6) Inside Passage
7) There is a Time

1) My Own History
2) Quietly There *
3) Yellow Bike *
4) Drive for Miles
5) Baggage *
6) Rondo
7) The Edge of Tedjhara
8) In This New Year *

1) It's Only a Paper Moon
2) Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans
3) Just One Person
4) In a Sentimental Mood
5) The Edge of Tedjhara
6) It Ain't Necessarily So
7) Sam and Delilah

* Award winning track


Collaborative side projects

Common Chord / Common ChordCommon Chord

Acoustic Collaborate with Michael Bryant, Bruce Buttel, Delores Jenison, Faye Bruggink, and Alan Maslowski
See for band website

Produced by Tracy Jane Comer & Michael Bryant

Likely Stories / Likely Stories (side project)Likely Stories

with Dave Schindele and Nancy Rost

Produced by Randy Green

STICKY FINGERS  - Sticky Fingers Acoustic Trio, 2002

Sticky Fingers

with Michael Bryant and Damon Bourne

1) Little Boy Blue (feat. Michale Bryant)

2) There is a Time (feat. Tracy Jane Comer)

3) Sneakers (feat. Michael Bryant)
4) One More Trail (feat. Bruce Buttel)
5) Wind Pudding with Air Sauce (feat. Michael Bryant)
6) Ain't No Grave (feat. Tracy Jane Comer)
7) The Moon was on the Pumpkin (feat. Michael Bryant)
8) Already Know (feat. Bruce Buttel)
9) In This New Year (feat. Tracy Jane Comer)
10) Toast and Jelly (feat. Michael Bryant)

1) A Matter of Time (feat. Dave Schindele)
2) Golden Gate (feat. Nancy Rost)
3) Yellow Bike (feat. Tracy Jane Comer)
4) This Ground (feat. Dave Schindele)
5) American Gothic (feat. Nancy Rost)
6) My Own History (feat. Tracy Jane Comer)
7) Nicole (feat. Dave Schindele)
8) Shamu (feat. Nancy Rost)
9) Silent Care (feat. Tracy Jane Comer)

1) Patrick's Annabel/Donald Willie and his Dog/The Price of the Pig
2) Cooper's Pond
3) Three-Quarter Time
4) Kerfunken Jig
5) Second Wind
6) Clergy's Lament/Ten Penny Bit
7) Down by the Sally Gardens/Simple Gifts
8) Rabbits in the Orchard
9) Emily Rose
10) Fair-Haired Molly/O'Connel's March
11) Ol' Mick's Story
12) Pirate's Lament
13) Rosin the Beau
14) She Make a Strong Man Weak

Other CDs: Compilations published/sold by third parties
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WORDS - Compilation CD, various artistsWords

Spiritone Records Release

ONE ON ONE- Compilation CD, various artistsOne on One

Spiritone Records Release

Indie Music for Life Compilation CD 2008Indie Music for Life

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